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reseau informatique/securite reseau informatique

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Ecole : eastern institute for integrated learning management university

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durée : 6 mois

de : 2017-06-20 à : 2017-12-20

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2012 diploma in english language2013 bachelor of science in information technology eiilm university2013 diploma in systems and networking NIIT2016 advance diploma in cyber security tilak maharashtra university

certificate hardware and network A+N+ ccna sql ...

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However, I am a young man lived in the city of Pune in india and student in postgraduate diploma in IT management has symbiosis distance learning center I have finished my bachelor of science IT there shortly.also i need a internship duration of 6 months if possible remunerated in the city of doha job or anything that may be possible for me but in the IT sector in network or IT project management,database.

in expectation of a favorable response.
Please, accept, Sir, the expression o...