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• Cv FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER, FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER, I am interested to work as Field Service Engieer. I can absorb the stress conditions and deal the situations diplomatically in order to get the job executed.

500016 In

registered on emploi.enligne-fr.com

• Cv Consulting-Advisory or Top Management, CEO, GM Area Manager,Profit Head,Regional Manager,VP Sought job:CEO,Profit Head,GM,Regional Manager, Area Manager or Equal positions

61 In

registered on serbie.enligne-int.com

• Cv Exe. Secretary and or Admin. Manager, Exe. Secretary and or Admin. Manager, Exe. Secretary and or Admin. Manager

6000 99 In

registered on riyadh.enligne-int.com

• Cv Project management, site management, maintanance, project engineer, piping engineer site engineer Mechanical engineer with 5 years experience


registered on doha.enligne-int.com

• Cv Oil, gas, water, quality grade analysis, analysis of oil, gas water,as well as safety, Sought job:chemist, completion of ISO17525, Complted the cousre of STCW2010


registered on offshore.enligne-fr.com


629401 In

registered on chennai.enligne-int.com

• Cv Welding Inspection, Welding Training and Certification, Third Party Inspection, QMS Auditor, Mechanical Inspector, Responsible Welding Coordinator, Welding Trainer, ISO 3834 Auditor QS Auditor QA QC Manager, Third party Inspector, Welding Training, AWS-CWI, Lead Auditor ISO 9001 : 2015, QS Auditor

411058 Pune In

registered on republique-tcheque.enligne-int.com

• Cv Telecom Head, Telecom Implementation Manager, :• 16Yrs+ Telecom GSM project, project Implementation TSP project Rollout End to End , Operations ,BTS, MW, Passive Infra O&M, Grid Power LT & HT head, Solar systems 5.6KWp, 8.5KWp, Tower Construction end to end Project Management systems under HSE, QA & QC., business roll how to grow up.

800003 In

registered on cv.enligne-int.com

• Cv Hairdresser, trainer, Formateur, manager,, Hairdresser, Manager Trainer Emploi de coiffeur, trainer, manager

Bombay 400001 In

registered on coiffeurs.enligne-fr.com

• Cv Fashion Designer, Apparel Designer - women's wear, Kid's wear, Fashion Designer garment designer Sought job: Fashion/Apparel Designer with 10 years of experience in women's and kid's wear - Export and retail - international brands

110091 In

registered on bangkok.enligne-int.com

Internships offerers

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enligne-in.com allows to advertise internships offers and to access a CV-library of interns.

Les derniers stagiaires inscrits en Inde

• Stage de biotechnologie

201308 Greater Noida In

registered on biotechnologies.enligne-fr.com

• Stage de traduction de document en ligne

533003 Kakinada In

registered on traducteurs.enligne-fr.com

• Stage de formation en inde dan,s le domaine de la conception de transformateurs de moyenne tension maintenance de postes de distribution publique moyenne tension travaux de maintenance inustrielle

16250 ALGER Dz

registered on dubai.enligne-int.com

• Stage d'au moins un semestre temps plein dans le domainde de l'ingénierie et l'architecture

93200 Saint-Denis Fr

registered on architecture.enligne-fr.com

• Stage en reseau informatique

411058 Pune In

registered on qatar.enligne-int.com

• Architecture intern .

440012 In

registered on architecture.enligne-fr.com

• . . .commis-de-cuisine

533464 In

registered on commis-de-cuisine.enligne-fr.com

• . . .I am looking for a post of development in financial analysis, which will help me to understand in deep and apply the concepts of investment decisions and managerial finance.

BP 308 ABidjan In

registered on stages.enligne-fr.com

• Public Health Intern, Rehabilitation proffesional

603203 Chennai In

registered on ong.enligne-fr.com



registered on singapour.enligne-int.com

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Les dernières offres de stages en Inde

• Recherche d'un assistant designer

302004 Jaipur In

registered on bijoutiers.enligne-fr.com

• Stage Développement Commercial et Relations Clients pour une une agence de tourisme voyage franco-tibétaine basée dans l’Himalaya Indien

India 176216 In

registered on tourisme.enligne-fr.com

• Internship programme

400032 Mumbai In

registered on superviseurs.enligne-fr.com

• . . .looking for Students from Europe,America and australia for taking Internships in Indian public Hospital in Pondicherry.

605001 Pondicherry In

registered on oise.enligne-fr.com

• Designers for Developement of collections

302020 Jaipur In

registered on stylistes.enligne-fr.com

• Architecte d'intérieur

110016 NEW DELHI In

registered on architecture.enligne-fr.com

• Stage en redaction de contenu et en webmarketing, au sein d'un site internet de mise en relation dans le voyage motorisé (road-trip, voyage aventure, raids...). Stage de com dans le Voyage en direct

new delhi 110020 In

registered on start-up.enligne-fr.com

• Assistant Winemaker Intern

571122 Mysore District In

registered on viticulteurs.enligne-fr.com

• 2 postes | lieu : New Delhi

110048 New Delhi In

registered on stage.enligne-fr.com

• Stage d'Assistant chargé de projet Web -com

DELHI 110019 In

registered on stage.enligne-fr.com