Oil, gas, water, quality grade analysis, Analysis of oil, gas water,as well as safety, inscrit sur

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Sought job:chemist, completion of ISO17525, Complted the cousre of STCW2010

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Tamil Nadu,


A position that effectively uses analytical skills in power/ oil/ gas water management to improve
Prospective employer’s environmental operations
PST, PSSR, EFA, FP &FF (STCW2010) approved by DGS
Employment History
Total years of experience : 17 YEARS
23 sep 2012 to till now
Company : SEC Project-Doosan
rabigh,Saudi Arabia ...

Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

Laboratory exposure
- OIW analysis.
- Water injection analysis.
- Pot water analysis.
- Boiler water analysis & dosing.
- Cooling medium analysis.
- Glycol analysis.
- Carry out Water microbiology analysis.
- Carry out gas samples to the beach when required.
- Will control any calibrations inside the lab. i.e Buck, IR...